About us

Why We Volar?

Advancements in drone photography has made content creation easier, more affordable and more accessible than ever before. We Volar seeks to connect a select group of resourceful content creators with clients who can benefit from their services all over the world.
We also see great value in the artistic and creative approach each content creator brings to their work. The talent of our content creators and their ability to deliver content tailored to client needs provide a unique and valuable service for the growing demand of drone imaging.

Our Story

The founders of We Volar have been increasingly involved in content creation for Iceland’s travel industry. Our content has quickly moved to the forefront of online marketing efforts in Iceland and Norway. Through this work the idea was born to connect drone content creators with clients looking to benefit from the high quality and affordable content available through drone imaging.

Safety & Compliance

We Volar maintains a strict policy of creating content in accordance with local laws and regulations. Our content creators may not operate their drones otherwise. Our creators are professionals and are held to high standards when it comes to their content as well as safety and compliance. If any of our creators are found to violate this policy, We Volar reviews each incidence and takes the appropriate corrective measures, which may include termination.
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