Every client and every project is unique. Therefore We Volar works on offer base terms meaning that when clients seek the service of our talent, we evaluate the project with the talent fitting for the  job, calculate  travel cost, when applicable, and then come back with a firm offer, dates of shooting and delivery date of the content. With this method we can make sure that our talented drone content creators, which many have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, are ready, willing and able to service you in the best way possible.

Content Delivery

All content is delivered via cloud service. The client has one week to review the work. If the content has been completed in a satisfactory manner in accordance with the project brief, the client downloads the content and may use it for their projects.

Licensing & Usage Rights

Once content is delivered, clients are also granted a license for commercial use. Note that We Volar retains the right to use the content in its own promotional work, including on its website and social media.

Licenses are limited to the client and are non-transferable. To transfer usage rights to a third party, additional licensing arrangements must be made with We Volar and the content creator.
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