What we do best

Droning at sea

Based in Iceland, We Volar has a close relationship with the ocean. We know that the shipping and fishing industries can benefit greatly from featuring sweeping images from their daily work at sea. Drone footage and flyover videography are some of most striking and effective ways to convey this content.

Industrial facilities and structures

Flyover photography and videography is a stunning way to present industrial structures. Oil rigs, geothermal plants, factories and more come to life with commercial aerial photography and drone videography.

Travel industry

We Volar has extensive experience when it comes to creating dynamic landscape photography for the travel industry. From breathtaking landscapes at sea to rugged mountains and glaciers — and everything in between, we can drone it. Hotels, resorts, theme parks and other recreational facilities are often among our clientele. If Mother Earth can create, we can drone it!

Urban real estate and planning

Standing out can make all the difference when it comes to reaching new customers and presenting your facilities and locations with property photography and videography. We Volar provides stunning photo and video content of your portfolio properties and real estate — and at a fraction of the cost of renting a helicopter and photographer.

We also assist those in the planning stages for new construction and neighborhood design by filming areas with geo tags.

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